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22nd September 2016

Having just returned to Copperline HQ this week after a holiday – thank you dog-friendly Northumberland! – I have to say it’s hard to come back knowing that winter is just round the corner. I realise we have autumn first and I shouldn’t be jumping the gun here, but these dark evenings already feel closer to winter than summer! So I plan to keep on dreaming with lots of fantastic holiday properties (who’s with me here!) and this… well, this is perfect.

La Granja Ibiza first caught my eye on Wallpaper*, and when I headed to this boutique hotel’s website I was instantly smitten by the mood of this place along with the beautifully mellow and rustic aesthetic. I love when an old building is refurbished but still retains that patina and sense of history, and La Granja pretty much oozes patina in every space.

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