16th August 2016

I remember when I first started Copperline – when the blog was only on Tumblr – I featured quite a few black timber houses. After the first couple of posts, I realised that this aesthetic was a bit of a ‘dream house’ moment for me, and it still is. Back in March I shared this timber house in Norfolk, and it remains one of my favourites so far of 2016.

Which explains why this house, Summer Villa VI by Haroma & Partners, caught my eye. There are seven summer villas listed on Haroma & Partners’ site, and number VI is located in Kustavi in southwest Finland.

Summer Villa VI, Haroma & PartnersSummer Villa VI, Haroma & Partners

With its long and low profile and dark-stained timber, this house sits sympathetically against the tree-lined backdrop of this lake-side spot. The house is elevated on stilts at both the front and the back, as if floating over the rocky ground, and this gives the building a ‘lightness’, almost as if you could pick it up, put it on a trailer, and transport it elsewhere. This lightness – this sense of impermanence – also suits this natural setting.

Summer Villa VI, Haroma & Partners

This house was designed as a vacation home, and I particularly love the combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces, particularly the kitchen-dining space above which has a proper working kitchen. All these spaces are covered, so that even on chilly days, you could use the external zones and still be sheltered from the elements.

As for the interior, it’s crisp and white and minimal, with pale timber flooring sweeping throughout and floor-to-ceiling glazing framing those views.

Summer Villa VI, Haroma & Partners Summer Villa VI, Haroma & PartnersSummer Villa VI, Haroma & Partners

I like how the glazed door above, and – ingeniously – the glazed kitchen splashback, allow views between the interior and exterior living spaces while also reflecting the surrounding trees. Light and understated furnishings ensure that nothing detracts from that ever-changing vista.

And can you imagine dining here on a warm summer’s evening? I also like how the decking and the walkway further connects the house to the landscape. Such a simple and beautiful house.

Summer Villa VI, Haroma & PartnersSummer Villa VI, Haroma & Partners Summer Villa VI, Haroma & Partners

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All photography via Haroma & Partners.



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