11th October 2013

Having worked at home for fifteen years, I’ve always been fascinated by how other people combine the live/work experience, whether the work space be a separate study or a studio or a cleverly designed nook within a ‘living’ room. When flat-hunting eight years ago, my workspace-to-be was paramount, not only in terms of the space itself but also – more importantly – in its light and views, and that hard-to-define mood that some places just have.

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So how do other people work, and live, in a space that accommodates both functions with ease? What better way to kick off this HOME/WORK series than with an art gallery that is also a fabulous home, as spotted in Dwell. The gallery, Valerie Traan, is located in Antwerp, and was created by its owners, Veerle Wenes and Bob Christiaens, working with architect Bart Lens.

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The building is a combination of the 19th century and the 1970s. The couple’s home is arranged over two floors, including a dining area on the ground level that doubles as a reception space during exhibition openings – and what a great way of blending this building’s functions – while the kitchen overlooks the gallery’s central hall, which is sometimes used an extended dining room.

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The gallery space itself is voluminous and flooded with light. What an inspiring place to live and work, particularly, perhaps, in those areas where the boundaries between the two are gently blurred.


For more photos and information, see this article in Dwell. Photography by Tim Van de Velde. See here for more photos from the architect.

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