2nd November 2013

The brief presented to architects Richards & Spence when designing Clayfield House wasn’t exactly straightforward as this hilltop site in Brisbane, Australia, is constrained by close neighbours – so privacy was an issue – while the clients wanted a large and fluid house that blurred indoor and outdoor living space.


At times it’s difficult to define exactly where the inside of this house ends and the external space begins – which is exactly the point. The house opens onto a courtyard on the east side, creating a wonderful indoor-outdoor flow of space, while a central indoor/outdoor passage slices through the core of the house.

tumblr_mvdzv2sdwP1sij10fo1_1280 tumblr_mvdzv2sdwP1sij10fo7_1280

The mix of materials creates a tactile backdrop to the spaces, from the polished porcelain-coloured blockwork walls to the use of timber and Travertine. My favourite detail has to be the cantilevered window in the second photo above – a striking feature that also illustrates the interconnected-ness that’s so evident throughout this interior.

tumblr_mvdzv2sdwP1sij10fo4_540 tumblr_mvdzv2sdwP1sij10fo6_540

For more, see this feature on ArchitectureAU. Photography by Alicia Taylor.

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