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29th January 2015

This is definitely the time of year when I start wishing I was somewhere else. Let’s start with some place warm, like Australia. And failing that, it’s the time of year to start dreaming about new places to go and trips you’d like to make. Yes, I’m talking summer. I’m talking packing a bag (okay, several bags), jumping in the car, and going some place. This doesn’t have to be abroad. This just needs to be some place different. Continue Reading…



20th January 2015

“The architecture is made as much by what is stripped away and revealed as by the elements that are added.” So said the judges of the RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize when describing this house on Tanners Hill in Deptford in London, which was shortlisted for both the RIBA Stephen Lawrence Prize and the Architects Journal Retrofit Awards in 2013. The house was also a winner in the prestigious RIBA London Regional Awards 2013. Continue Reading…



15th October 2014

The Case Study houses that were built in California between 1945 and 1966 are some of the most admired and easily recognized houses of the 20th century, and include iconic buildings such as CSH#8, the Eames House, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, and CSH#22, the equally famous Stahl House designed by Pierre Koenig. The Case Study House program was conceived by Arts & Architecture magazine as low cost, experimental modern housing, and leading architects of the time including Richard Neutra and Craig Ellwood were invited to take part. Continue Reading…



30th September 2014

Having worked from home for 16 years, I understand the challenges of finding or creating the ideal live/work space, and was reminded of this recently when friends returned to Edinburgh and began searching for a home that would also offer a showroom for their incredible collection of mid-century furniture and design objects. They couldn’t find a rental property that was suitable, and ended renting up a flat and (at last count) three storage units for their furniture. It wasn’t ideal. Continue Reading…



5th September 2014

Certain things are guaranteed to catch my eye in an interior, and the Claude sofa from Pinch is one of them. I may not be a ‘floral person’, but I’ve adored this sofa since I laid eyes on it, first in a magazine, and then in the flesh in an amazing Georgian property in Edinburgh. And the piece looks just an fantastic here, standing by the floor-to-ceiling window in this vast open plan living, dining and kitchen space, with the backdrop of the garden behind. It’s the perfect piece in a space where the outside has most definitely been brought in. Continue Reading…



3rd September 2014

I don’t always post exterior images of the properties featured here as often, when I look at a post, it just flows better with a selection of great looking interiors. But some houses really can’t be explained by interiors alone. The Neuk is one of them. And that’s why I started this post with the exterior photos, showing this property from the street, where it looks cottagey and quaint, and then from the reverse, where the dramatic extension transforms a quaint cottage into a striking home. Continue Reading…